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Gutter Cleaning


Over the years I have seen and repaired thousands and thousands of dollars worth of water damaged walls, ceilings and more as a result of blocked gutters. Steve Shaw’s Gutter Cleaning Service safeguards your residential/commercial property from gutter debris buildup that inevitably blocks proper water flow.

Routine gutter cleaning can prevent costly water damage, wood rot and mold.

Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Contact me, Steve Shaw and I’ll be happy to give you a free estimate to clean your gutters and down spouts.  This can be a one time service or we can set up a gutter maintenance schedule.  

I recommend all gutters to be cleaned at least once a year, usually in the fall.  Gutters in a heavily wooded area may require a cleaning twice a year or even the installation of gutter screens.

Gutter Screens

Are Gutter screens the best solution for you?  Contact me and we can discuss whether screens or regular maintenance is the most cost effective solution for your problem gutters.

Clean Your Gutters, Protect Your Property

When gutters and down spouts function properly, they drain water away from the building preventing water damage, wood rot and mold from occurring inside your home or building.  Gutters that become blocked by leaves, branches or other foliage cause water to spill over around your homes foundation allowing water into the basement and more.  Clogged gutters filled with water freeze and cause ice dams.  Ice dams can build up under the roofs shingles even past the ice shield causing severe water damage in the ceiling and walls when the ice melts.  The weight and expansion of the ice can also damage the gutters and down spouts even pulling them off the building.

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